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A Commitment To Justice!

Wisdom is the process of integration of experience and knowledge.” – Psychologist Stan Strycharz

Excellent judges have – WISDOM.  As Dr. Strycharz reminds us, WISDOM requires the integration of both experience and knowledge.  That integration takes time.  Dan Jacobson has practiced law for 35 years.  During much of that time he also taught law school in the evenings and on weekends.

To put it mildly, Professor Jacobson’s experience in law is vast.  That “leg” of WISDOM is unquestionable.  The knowledge “leg” of WISDOM is also unquestionable.  Of course, in 35 years of practicing law, one learns a thing or two about the law.

Every weekday, the California Courts of Appeal (and often the California Supreme Court) publish new cases.  By reading those cases, a lawyer can learn what the law is.  Beyond that, reading and analyzing those cases produces in a lawyer an understanding of the law.

By reading and analyzing those new cases, and publishing scholarly articles about them, a lawyer learns the law deeply and incorporates that knowledge into the lawyer’s already strong knowledge of law, a process that has continued for decades with Professor Jacobson.  And from this constant study comes WISDOM – “the integration of experience and knowledge.”  The characteristic that all excellent judges must have.

As part of his deep and constant analysis of new cases, Professor Jacobson, has been inspired to write scholarly articles.  Professor Jacobson has written more than 40 such articles, thus advancing the legal community’s knowledge and grasp of the law.  You can read most of Professor Jacobson’s articles here.

Legal experience mixed with legal knowledge equals legal WISDOM, and Professor Jacobson has that in abundance!

If you ever find yourself before a judge, you want a judge who knows your issue, deeply and thoroughly – You want Professor Jacobson to become Judge Jacobson.