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About Prof. Jacobson

Although Dan Jacobson was always a practicing lawyer, he also taught numerous classes over the decades as a Law Professor.  Throughout Professor Jacobson’s legal and scholastic career, he gained and utilized the key to understanding the law.  That key is – WISDOM.

On November 12, 2019, Congressman Lou Correa gave a speech on the Floor of the House of Representatives “Honoring Legendary Orange County Attorney Dan Jacobson.”

Congressman Correa began, “Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor Dan Jacobson, a prominent attorney in Orange County [and] longtime defender of the voiceless.”

Professor Jacobson has not always been prominent, has not always been an attorney, and was once voiceless himself.  In fact, during the early ’80s, he experienced homelessness for several months.

But when down, Professor Jacobson got up, dusted himself off, went to trade school, then paralegal school, then law school, and launched a successful career in law and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and experience, which mixed together produced – WISDOM.

-- Dan and his best friend, his wife Lyly.
— Dan and his best friend, his wife Lyly.

 Being a great lawyer is not all that defines Professor Jacobson.  He is married to his lifelong best friend, Lyly (known to some as Susan).  He has led Boards of Directors of non-profits as varied as the Richard and Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy and the Nannette Brodie Dance Company.

Professor Jacobson is currently serving his 2nd term on the California Board of Accountancy, where he and his colleague’s license and police all CPAs and CPA firms in California.  Professor Jacobson was appointed to that seat by Speaker of the Assembly Emeritus Anthony Rendon.  Professor Jacobson continues to gain more and more – WISDOM.  And uses it daily.

Tough on crime, fair to all, a pillar of justice.

Professor Jacobson was recognized by preeminent Civil Rights Leader and longtime Member of Congress John Lewis when the Congressman sent him the 1st book of his trilogy The March.  Congressman Lewis’ inscription read: “To Dan Jacobson, Thank you for all of your great work.  Keep the faith with your eyes on the prize.”  Professor Jacobson’s work, recognized by the great John Lewis, demonstrates his – WISDOM.

In the early 2000s many insurance companies failed due to the strain of 9/11 payouts. Congressman John Garamendi, then California’s Insurance Commissioner, turned to Professor Jacobson for help, appointing him as a Governor of the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) to make certain that Californians had insurance even if their insurance companies were being liquidated.  Congressman Garamendi saw in Professor Jacobson – WISDOM.

Professor Jacobson, a noted legal scholar, has penned more than 40 scholarly articles in leading legal journals on topics ranging from Contractual Indemnity to Grandparents’ Visitation Rights.  Most of those articles can be read here.

The California State Senate recognized Professor Jacobson’s “long legal and philanthropic career” with a certificate sponsored by Senator Tom Umberg, Chair of the State Senate’s Judicial Committee.  On the certificate, Senator Umberg wrote that Professor Jacobson has “demonstrated time and again his unwavering commitment to selflessly serving the unrepresented and giving to the community.  His integrity and passion in civic and legal affairs is admirable.”  That passion is fueled by Professor Jacobson’s – WISDOM.

Professor Jacobson has represented both the very wealthy and the very poor; the monied companies and people, and the guy stuck in the jail system because of traffic tickets that he couldn’t afford to pay.  Professor Jacobson has done all of this while gather and utilizing his – WISDOM.

Professor Jacobson is the recipient of many awards and accolades for his legal and philanthropic work, including the cherished Chauncey Alexander Social Activism Award and an Honorary Juris Doctor Degree that bookends his earned J.D.  In effect, these accolades were recognition of Professor Jacobson’s – WISDOM.

Professor Jacobson has been “in the trenches,” litigating cases for 35 years.  His life is one of academic and practical experience.  An illustration of Professor Jacobson’s practical on-the-scene experience is that he was once robbed at gunpoint.  While he stared down the pistol pointing at him, he knew the robber had to face the law so this would not happen to someone else.  Professor Jacobson helped the authorities.  The robber was caught.  Professor Jacobson bravely testified against him.  Such practical life experience, combined with all of his academic experience, has created a deep reservoir of – WISDOM.

Another example of Professor Jacobson’s practical experience is that he volunteered for five years to act as a Judge Pro Tem at the Orange County Central Justice Center in Santa Ana.  Professor Jacobson listened to all who came before him.  He dispensed justice with thoughtfulness, toughness, and – WISDOM.

About Prof. Jacobson

Now Professor Jacobson wants to apply his profound legal knowledge and well-earned wisdom to deliver justice for the citizens of Orange County.  Professor Jacobson’s scholarly articles are emblematic of the depth of his legal knowledge and wisdom.  His 35 years of practicing law shows that he knows his way around the courtroom, as does his 5 years of experience as a Judge Pro Tem.

Vote for Wisdom.  Vote for Justice.  Vote for Jacobson for Judge!